Who is Professional Plant Girl?

Herbal Greetings! My name is Kristen Dunning. I am a lover of all things herbs, environmental justice, and socioecology. I adopted the name "Professional Plant Girl" after extensive horticultural and medicinal plant research.

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  • Amazing Student Article

    The College of Agricultural and Environmental Sciences is home for Kristen Dunning—from research at UGArden to serving as president of MANRRS and a CAES ambassador. Dunning is committed to improving diversity in the agricultural industry, from farm to table. “My passion is paving the way for a more diverse and inclusive future for the agricultural industry,” she said.

  • Shoutout Atlanta

    I am from Dallas, GA but I contribute my roots in the agricultural industry to my grandparents, Raymond Dunning Sr. and Nancy Pearl Dunning. My grandparents were farmers in Dixon Mills, Alabama, and my family still looks after and tends to our land down there. It was because of them that I have an understanding on what it is like to be a Black farmer in America. My passion is pushing institutions to adopt anti-racist agricultural education. I want nothing more than to study and research all of the historical and current ways minority communities are involved with this industry, from farm to table. There is a truth about American agriculture that relies on BIPOC contribution. In my dream role as a professor, I plan to tell this truth to all who will listen.

  • Kristen Dunning isn’t done: UGA grad builds business on principle

    Kristen Dunning spoke proudly as she walked down the rows of herbs she’d grown at UGArden, a community farm supported by University of Georgia students and faculty. She'd just harvested, and only a few small, orange flowers blossomed from the green carpet below. Dunning, who graduated from UGA's College of Agricultural and Environmental Sciences on May 15, uses the flowers’ medicinal properties to create good-smelling, skin-friendly homemade soap.