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Kristen Dunning

The Professional Plant Girl Herby Box

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With our new initiative The Herby Box, we strive to foster collaboration and community amongst herbal businesses and growers. This box is like a CSA...Community Supported Apothecary that offers a seasonal service that brings herbal teas, tonics, tinctures, soaps, candles, dried bundles, and more from small businesses you love…right to your front door.

A box share will contain anywhere from 6-10 herbal products. Products may include teas, oils, tinctures, a bar of soap, dried bundles, smudge sticks, a candle, a bitter or tonic, a salve, and so much more. You will also receive a write up card in every box with links to every featured business and descriptions for each product.

What you get in the Winter Solstice Box...

- Candle and Dried Flower Wand from Sisters of the Moon

- Soap from Farmington Herbals

- Lip Balm from Gently

- Tea from Me Plus Tea

- Bath Bomb from Roseman's Remedies

Our mission is to foster programs and people that want to create accessible, sustainable, and equitable change in herbalism. By partnering with herbal growers, business owners, practitioners, students and educators alike we strive to serve as a bridge between the herbal community and well…YOU. By purchasing Our Herby Box not only are you opting into seasonally curated herbal products but you are also helping to sustain herbalists everywhere in pursuing a practice that they love.